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Over 10 years of experience in Film&Production industry, we strive to meet customers’ inquiries by gathering and managing all components such as script writing, editing, set&décor preparation. For the sake of healthier decision makings and best results, we operate under a different brand on the management level where we brainstorm together.

Generally, the biggest issue with products is that they are far from satisfiying customer expectations. This gives us and our customers the adventage since our management has long Sales&Marketing history.

  • Corporate introduction film

  • Company documentary

  • Product documentary

  • Product introduction film

  • Commercial film

  • Script writing

Please have a look at the website below for more detailed information on the we do. You can contact us both through here or that site.

Other services we can offer once we start working together;

  • Corporate photography and product photo shooting

  • Web desing and management

  • Social media management

  • Catalogue design

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