"we live as we produce"


                   Bilkoras profits because he produces good products and services, he does not produce to profit. 

    Our business life which started in 2006 with the sales of decoration products, by constantly searching for innovations, became the creator of multiple products. Today, the story that started with a young and dynamic team  working in decoration & architecture continues in various areas such as; Film making, production, advertising services along with stage prop. While we work in industrial products and packaging areas, we aim to produce the following for the retail sector: water filters, anti-odor systems, kids toys and products. Our unrelenting innovative mind set continues to add value not only to us butt also to our customers and consumers.


    The greatest advantage and the goal of Bilkoras where different experiences come together:

Sharing the load of our customers in the competetive market.

  This advantage and the goal, sometimes, provide relief to them by resolving their issues. And sometimes benefit our customers by showing points they did not expect.


        You can only experience the difference in our relentless efforts and success by working with us.

             Bilkoras owes its existence to brand creation, sustains it, lives by it.


One of the most essential factor that determines the market share of brands is their marketing strategy and advertising. BBFilms can establish the necessary infrastructure of your brand’s marketing activities while producing the content of those activities. The film starting with editing of the script aims to increase the value of your brand by designing and planing of processes until the launch date.

Ambalaj eps strafor köşebent

We are transforming, particularly EPS (Strafor), EPP, Sponge and other EP products into goods/finished products those are challenging to your imagination. The technique and the system we implement while we use during production empower you in the competetion. Our greatest strength is to benefit you. In order not to waste the efforts and money we used in producing, our products should be delivered to our customers safe with no damage.

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Ambalaj,suarıtma,züccaciye,koku,kokulandırma,parfüm,banyo,köşebent,rolik,karton,sonia,omega,bobrick,cws,hijyen ekipmanları,eps,strafor,epp,epe,epsa,xps,austrotherm,hediyelik eşya,inşaat malzemeleri,cnc,lazer,sıvı sabunluk,

Besides producing décor for film sets, we produce for studios in need of sound proof environment to prevent reverberation and reduce telephony between two walls. You can use it at homes and in offices as an alternative to wall paper and natural stone in order to create a different ambience. Along with our designs, we can develop custom tailored designs out of your furnitures too. It will also contribute to heat conservatio upon application due to its chemical composition.

Lambader, Duvar panelleri, Duvar Saatleri

Water is the main component of human body. To prevent intoxication caused by the water you consume, water treatment systems should be used in every home and office. There are two very important points in choosing of water treatment system: constant availability of filters and service incase of malfunctioning.

   A product we import from a German company that is a key player in its indurstry. It’s products carries the industry one step further. Our German supplier which adopts entegrated hygiene systems, as per its strategy, provides hygiene services as well. We  also provide hygiene services since we adopted the same understanding. The durability and design of the machines used is very important as well as the chemical products used in it. Therefore, its use with chemicals designed for its own products: improves both the life of the machine and the quality of cleaning to be performed.

clearwater hijyen Aksesuar Koku Banyo cws sonia

Although it’s our newest brand, our goal is tp keep children away from petroleum based toys and offer them entertainment while supporting their mental wellfare. Wood is a friendly and a healthy material that contributes to health and growth of children. Meanwhile, we do not withhold ourselves developing useful products for adults.

iLETİŞİM  : KONAK MAHALLESİ, KONAK CADDESİ,  GEMİCİ SOKAK, NO: 1/B NİLÜFER BURSA  TEL :0224 451 30 71 email : bilgi@bilkoras.com

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