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Banyo Cws Hijyen Ekipmanları Bilkoras Koku Sıvı Sabunluk


      It is a company that is the leader in hygiene in Germany. Its products take the hygiene industry forward. The company advocating the integration of cleaning; Because of his policy. In addition to the products it produces, it also provides its services. Since we think in parallel with the company's understanding in Germany; We provide the service of these products in Türkiye. 

      As well as the durability and   design of the machines used, it is very important to be correct in the chemical products used in it. Therefore, using it with chemicals designed for its own products increases both the life of the machine and the quality of the cleaning to be done.

Otomatik Klozelt Kapağı  CWS Bilkoras BİLKORAS

Clean Seat

cws bilkoras Klozet Kapağı
Otomatik Klozet Kapağı cws Bilkoras

      No matter which toilet, unfortunately, it is not possible to clean the toilet bowl in every use. To make it possible, it had to be done untouched before and after use into an automation. CWS has eliminated this problem and solved the cleaning of toilet bowls in public areas. 


     This product works automatically when you are done with the photocell. Apart from this, depending on your request, you can be sure of its cleaning by operating this product before use thanks to the photocell. The cleaning chemical used in this product is also certified.


Clean Touch

      Most people, whether in public areas or in our homes, we come across people who leave without washing their hands. However, when people do not wash their hands, they harm other people as well. There are some critical points to minimize these damages. One of these points is the door handles. CWS has developed this product to allow people who wash their hands to leave the toilet in a comfortable way. 

         Due to the antibacterial nature of the consumable used, it does not contain bacteria at the time of waiting inside. In this way, bacteria transmitted by dirty hands die. Bacteria living in the storage place of the dirty container both prevents odor and prevents them from reaching clean consumables. 




Air Control Dispenser

    Smell is one of the most important factors in perceiving a hygienic environment. You create the most hygienic environment. If the smell of the environment is bad, it means that all your efforts have gone to waste. When it comes to the opposite situation, you don't try hard. When you give a nice smell to an environment that is not very clean, the perception of cleanliness will increase. For this reason, fragrance is an integral part of cleaning.

  For this reason,  Cws has developed products that clean the air of the environment and emit a pleasant scent at the same time.         

  Since it activates our sense of smell, it activates our brain and therefore us. Therefore, the type of fragrance is very important. Fragrances used in closed areas are of great importance for human health. For this reason, every fragrance should not be used especially in closed areas.

Clean Set

 Cws company produced all standard products on time as a pioneer. These products brought color to the sector by creating different color alternatives.

 Apart from these products, Cws Company has provided a more even drying by making the Paper dippers we use for drying hands from Real Towel Fabric. It also provides the service of washing, ironing and fitting these fabrics.

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